Projekt Go (2015  - 2025)

Information on our German-European pilot project

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Project concluded

Project on the occasion of the UNESCO World Das for Cultural Diversity successfully concluded. Pictures, info and report here.

EGC 2017 in Deutschland!

For two weeks Go players from all over the world visited Germany and participated in the EGC in Obernhof.                                           ... Impressions

Application form online

Schools that want to hold the project day "East Asia First-hand" in the coming school years can now apply online.

Application form (German)

Breakthrough - KI beats 9p

Computer-Go: AlphaGo is the first bot to ever beat a 9 Dan professional player without handicap. In the showdown against Lee Sedol (winner of 18 international titles) the programm from Google DeepMind wins 4:1.   ... read more